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How to Add Another Email Address to Gmail Account

 How to Add Another Email Address to Gmail Account

Gmail allows users to manage multiple email accounts directly without the effort of logging in and out all the time. Here is the way to Add Another Email Address to Gmail Account. Google's Gmail boasts a 1.5 billion string and therefore the number of individuals using the world’s leading email platform is growing. From Gmail’s impressive AI auto-response to the platform’s seamless integration with its other products, it's easy to ascertain why Google's sleek email manager is such successful.
How to Add Another Email Address to Gmail Account

How to Add Another Email Address to Gmail Account

How You Can Add Another Email Address to Gmail Account
In most cases, people want to understand the way to add an internet mail address to Gmail which is an email address set up inside a web hosting account, like this contact@publicnengineers.com

Step 1. First, open up your Gmail account. within the top right corner click the Cog Icon and choose Settings.

Step 2. Go to Accounts and Import. Scroll right down to the Check mail from other accounts section. Click Add a mail account.

Step 3. A box will appear. Enter the e-mail address you'd wish to add. Click Next.

Step 4. Don’t change settings on the subsequent screen. Just click Next to continue.

Step 5. Now take a glance at the screenshot below then I’ll walk you thru the settings. Username: this is often the e-mail address you're adding. Password: this is often the password for the e-mail account you're adding.

How To Import An Email Account Into a Gmail Account

Are you abandoning an old email account, but would really like to sync the contacts and archive those emails in Gmail? Then you bought to use Gmail's import feature. To import emails from an old Yahoo Mail account, here's what you would like to do:

Step 1. Open Google Mail, click the wheel icon within the top right and choose Settings from the menu.

Step 2. In your Gmail settings, attend the Accounts and Import tab.

Step 3. Click Import mail and contacts.

Step 4. Input your email address, click Continue.

Step 5. In the next window, select which details you want to import.

How to Add Another Email Address to Gmail in the Android Mobile App

All major email service application providers their mobile apps that permit their users to read and write emails on mobile devices, but not most are keen on having several different email apps installed on their devices. 

Not only does each email app take the maximum amount as 100 MB of space for storing, but each has its own settings options that you simply must customize to manage everything from the update frequency to notifications. Fortunately, Gmail’s mobile app is really an excellent email client that allows you to read and write emails from all email services like Yahoo, Hotmail, and other email addresses. this is often what you would like to try to feature a non-Gmail address to it.

Step 1. Open the Gmail app.

Step 2. Tap your profile picture.

Step 3. Select the Add another account option.

Step 4. Choose the sort of account you would like to feature.

Step 5. Follow the steps on the screen to feature your account.

How to Add Yahoo Account to Gmail

Step 1. Log in to your main Gmail account and choose Settings.

Step 2. Click the Accounts and Import or Accounts tab.

Step 3. Click Add a mail account within the "Check mail from other accounts" section.

Step 4. Type the Yahoo email address you would like to link, then click Next.

Step 5. Select the Link account with Gmail (Gmailify), then click Next.

Step 6. Follow the steps on the screen, then click Next or check-in.

As you'll see, the steps for adding a Yahoo account to Gmail are just like the steps for adding an Outlook account to Gmail, and therefore the same is true for all other supported email accounts, like Apple’s iCloud.


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