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Top 5 URL Shortener Websites to Make Money Online in India

Top 5 URL Shortener Websites to Make Money Online in India

The URL Shortener Websites aren’t new; they’ve been widely used for several years. The term URL is an abbreviation for Uniform Resource Locator, also referred to as a link or web address. A URL Shortener may be a free tool that can convert web address from a full-length web link into a shorter URL.

These tools gained popularity among Twitter users when the social network limited tweets to only 140 characters. Twitter’s character count and link policies have since changed. Users can now tweet up to 280 characters, and links are always counted as 23 characters. By compressing URLs remains a best practice for content distribution across social networks and other channels.

Benefits of URL Shortener

The most obvious is that the online address is, well, shorter. an extended web address isn't only hard to recollect, it’s difficult to use in many other web-based services like a Facebook Status Update or a Twitter tweet. Short web addresses come with valuable character space in these services.

Many URL shorteners keep detailed traffic statistics about the online address, which suggests the owner of the shortened web address can see not only what proportion traffic visited the online address but also where the traffic came from.

URL Shortener Websites to Make Money Online in India can hide the real web address. this is often great when your original web address is long and hard on the eyes. It also can help some unwanted pages by hiding the identity of the page behind the shortened web address, which sometimes could be a page that a lot of users wouldn’t want to go to.

Some URL shorteners allow users to settle on a custom web address. The advantage of getting a memorable web address is that an internet surfer doesn’t need to look for it; it’s also reusable, meaning that the online address is often re-directed to new content.

Top 5 URL Shortener Websites to Make Money Online in India

A URL Shortener could also be a technique during which a URL may be made shorter long and still redirect to the first long page. Most URL Shorteners are free and straightforward to use but accompany limitations. Google pack up it’s Google URL Shortener in 2018 with continued support until March 30, 2019. However, all existing links will still redirect to the intended destination.

1. Bitly.com

Bitly provides us a free version of the URL shortening service. No signup necessary but creating an account allows you to manage links quickly and alter the short link characters if you would like.
Pro Tip: add + after the short link to access analytics of any bitly link. bitly.com/link+

2. TinyURL

A simple shortener that needs no sign-up and allows users to customize the keyword. The service is liberal to use, but there's no analytics.

3. Tiny.cc

Tiny.cc is another popular and free URL shortener service that will log basic statistics for every short and a custom URL.

4. Rebrandly (Editor’s Choice)

Rebrandly is one of the simplest URL shortener services on the market. It’s the foremost complete and reliable link management platform. Their solution provides the simplest thanks to creating, measure, and manage short URLs with a custom name.
You can buy your name using Rebrandly, tag your URLs using UTM tagging, allow social media pixels to optimize for conversions and more. It's a subscription cost $29 per month as per its Starter plan.

5. eg.gd

eg.gd may be a new URL shortener service that gives precisely the same as Brandly except for free. it had been launched last year when bit.ly service was blocked in Egypt.


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